Destiny Outreach® (DO!) offers a variety of “edutainment” programs (combining education and positive entertainment) to meet the pressing needs of children, family and the community. These programs help motivated students prepare for life and college, as well as various careers in the entertainment, technology and business industries.

The Dreams & Destiny® Campaign is one of these innovative “edutainment” initiatives. The Campaign introduces a multicultural group of 12-17 and 18-25 year-old males and females of diverse economic backgrounds to a critical set of career development experiences, vocational exposures, and process technologies to help them discover their dreams and develop action plans to accomplish them.

This experiential and engaging learning experience is content-rich, culturally sensitive, and action-oriented with an emphasis on several key outcomes:

  1. Improving the self-knowledge of teens, parents and teachers,
  2. College planning skills, and
  3. Career decision-making.

The Campaign’s content is creatively delivered through a series of interactive human development seminars, customized career development workshops, career shadowing programs, and camp experiences. In addition, multi-media and community outreach events (i.e. PSAs, Online Contests, Forums) enhance the Campaign and broaden the reach of its messages.