The Dreams & Destiny® Campaign empowers motivated teens to Find, Fight for, and Fulfill™ their dreams. The Campaign introduces a multicultural group of 12-17 and 18-25 year old males and females of diverse economic backgrounds to a critical set of career development experiences, vocational exposures and process technologies to help them discover their dreams and develop action plans to accomplish them.

The Dreams & Destiny® Campaign collaborates with:

  1. public/private educational systems;
  2. community youth organizations;
  3. faith-based ministries.
The following key educational modules represent a menu of foundational delivery vehicles for the curricular experience:

Dreams & Destiny® Day of Destiny™ Workshop Experience

The Day of Destiny Workshop is a half-day or all-day learning experience designed to expose teens and/or young adults to the Dreams & Destiny® Campaign curricular basics - Finding, Fighting For and Fulfilling their dreams. Facilitated by two highly motivated and qualified trainers, teen participants walk away with a clearer vision about their personal purpose and life goals, as well as gain insights on “the process” of identifying them. The workshop experience includes self-introspection and interactive group exercises, engaging dialogue, performing arts components, technology tools and a panel discussion with professionals representing various careers in the entertainment, technology, and business industries.

Dreams & Destiny® Innovative Focus Groups

The Innovative Focus Group is an exciting 2-hour session conducted in an informal setting in which teens share their dreams openly, learn about the dreams of others and initiate steps towards making their dreams a reality. Teens dialogue and learn more about themselves through a series of interactive group exercises such as envisioning and written surveys. These focus groups serve as an important information-gathering tool to better inform the overall Dreams & Destiny® Campaign.

Dreams & Destiny® Multi-day or Multi-week Workshop Experience

The Multi-day or Multi-week Workshop Experience brings teens together over the course of several days or weeks for self-exploration and dream building. Teens are empowered and equipped with tools in an engaging learning environment on how to find, fight for and fulfill their dreams. Motivational in its approach, this educational and self-introspective experience helps teens identify their interests and exposes them to a positive celebrity and career role models that are living their dreams. Teens engage in a very interactive experience utilizing engaging dialogue, performing arts components, technology and exposure to industry professionals to help target their areas of interest in the fields of entertainment, technology and business. Teens who demonstrate strong motivation will be considered for an on-going journey of exploring their dreams through a series of learning workshops, shadowing programs and other events.

Dreams & Destiny® Parent, Teacher and Caring Adult -- Dreamkeeper™ Workshop Experience

The Dreamkeeper Workshop Experience is a companion piece to the youth development workshops. This customized workshop experience includes programming for adults. Empowering parents, teachers and caring adults with invaluable information rekindles their sense of purpose and will enable them to become effective facilitators, motivators and dreamkeepers for young people.

Dreams & Destiny® Life Prep, College Prep, Career Prep Workshops

The Life Prep, College Prep, Career Prep Workshop series are customized learning experiences within targeted areas of interest and professional fields in the entertainment, technology and business industries. Hosted by special guests and industry professionals, teens and young adults will experience a series of in-depth workshops that will deepen their life skills, broaden their understanding of college requirements and expose them to successful career professionals.