I. Dreams & Destiny® Shadowing/Mentoring Programs

Gleaning from Workshops and Focus Groups, the Dreams & Destiny® Shadowing/Mentoring Program will match teens with various mentors who will expose participants to a more in-depth study of their field of interest through tours, a day in the life of field trips and internships. As teens interact with their mentors, learning about their career journey, personal triumphs, and struggles, this personal relationship will prepare them for the future. This reciprocal relationship will be empowering for both teens and their mentors.

II. Dreams & Destiny® Motivational Camp

The Dreams & Destiny® Motivational Camp will take teens through multi-week career training intensive in the area of technology, business, arts and entertainment . Within a university environment, counselors will supervise teens, monitor their program schedules and chaperone their living environments. At the culmination of the program, we will celebrate the efforts of the teens. At this time many of the teens will receive certificates, awards and scholarship money.

TechKnow Camp: This multi-week intensive allows teens interested in learning about computers, graphics, engineering and new technologies to have hands on experience in a technology environment.

The Entrepreneurial Camp: This multi-week intensive allows teens interested in business to garner knowledge in a business environment that exposes them to everything from the mailroom to the boardroom.

The Arts Camp: This multi-week intensive allows teens interested in the arts to perform in a musical in the areas of acting, dancing, singing, and production.

The Movie Camp: This multi-week intensive allows teens interested in entertainment to work on a film in the area of talent, production design, directing, camera operating, writing, producing, etc.

III. Dreams & Destiny® Symposium

The Dreams & Destiny® Symposium is a conference where thousands of teens come together for a multi-day expo, which includes guest speakers, motivational luncheon, dream development workshops, a career fair and celebrities.