Destiny Outreach® (DO!) helps young people discover themselves, find purpose and accept personal responsibility for their choices and lifelong learning.

Destiny Outreach® believes that personal dreams (envisioning how one desires to impact the world through a special talent, gift or skill) are intricately linked to personal purpose (one's sense of meaning and significance). DO! asserts that this sense of purpose provides the organizing framework and personal motivation for the challenges of academic learning and personal development.

Moreover, Destiny Outreach® believes that young people’s clarity about the self-discovery process helps them further refine their sense of purpose. By using the students' unique dreams as a source of motivation, teachers, and parents can also better fulfill their roles as formal and informal educators (Facilitators of meaning) and provide invaluable support as young people integrate their personal goals with their formal educational experiences.

Destiny Outreach’s Dreams & Destiny® Campaign, is a systematic effort to assemble the essential elements necessary to empower the nation's youth to Find, Fight For, and Fulfill™ their personal, academic and vocational dreams. An innovative “edutainment” initiative, the campaign introduces a multicultural group of 12-17 and 18-25 year-old males and females of div erse economic backgrounds to a critical set of career development experiences, vocational exposures, and learning technologies to help them discover their dreams and develop action plans to accomplish them.

To accomplish this goal, DO! has created and launched an exciting educational platform to convene youth, caring adults, educational systems, business, entertainment, communities, and faith resources to care for teens’ dreams and nurture the next generation of dreamers.

The campaign includes the following curriculum areas:

  • Vision Clarification
  • Positive Human Development
    • Sense of Purpose Identification
    • Life Planning
    • Personal Motivation
    • Character Development
  • Academic Achievement
  • Career Awareness & Development in the Entertainment, Technology and Business Industries
  • Leadership Development

The Dreams & Destiny® Campaign is a movement that creates a bridge between school and work. DO! believes that “understanding one’s life purpose” is that bridge. DO! is committed to building bridges to a world of possibilities for teens by Unlocking the Dreams of Teens!

The Dreams & Destiny® Campaign provides young people and their supporters a learning community grounded in powerful ideas, an accessible conceptual design and relevant strategies for learning. Leveraging the participation of well-known entertainers, entertainment industry support, as well as the power of technology and creative media, DO! makes the experience fun, on purpose!   

Combining the best elements of popular culture, the Dreams & Destiny® Campaign create an “edutainment” vehicle that animates the learner and learning experience. DO! believes this coordinated energy and expertise will do nothing less than empower children and adults to find, fight for, and fulfill™ their dreams.

Along the way, with the help of sponsors and collaborators, DO! endeavors to accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. Utilize the creative resources of entertainment media and communication technologies to positively enhance education, “making learning fun so that dreams do come true.” ™

    Entertainment content such as song, drama, and visual art will be used to engage, inspire and provoke thought. Celebrity involvement will attract teens and encourage them to think more seriously by paying attention to the importance of having and living a dream.

    Interactive Technology vehicles will be utilized to create a virtual world where dreams can come true through website contests, strategic educational linkages supporting human and vocational development, and celebrity involvement promoting messages of hope and inspiration.

  2. Strengthen community-school-family partnerships on behalf of youth’s academic achievement and human development, (especially emotional and social development) through collaborative efforts that intensify support for young people to clarify their sense of purpose;

  3. Creatively collaborate with school leadership and the business community to encourage critical school-to-career and work-readiness resources as well as expand practical work-based learning experiences (i.e. internships and apprenticeships) in high growth, high skill areas of the economy.

Through the Dreams & Destiny® Campaign, DO! offers a creative solution for the challenge of empowering youth to reach beyond the limits of present circumstances to envision a better life for themselves and a better world in which to live it!

Metropolitan Chicago is the home of the first city launch for the Dreams & Destiny® Campaign’s national program rollout, with subsequent program rollouts in the Los Angeles area and other urban cities. Its groundbreaking programs and curriculum are targeted to help parents, teachers, faith ministries, community organizations, and schools to inspire children, teens, and young adults to dream and reach their ultimate potential. We hope that you will join the Campaign’s exciting Educational Modules, Multimedia Events & Community Outreach in order to build a new world of dreamers prepared for life, school and the workforce.